Lawrence Norman Rumors

Lawrence Norman is Vice President, adidas Global Basketball and a former international player. To say Lawrence is a basketball freak puts it lightly. So as I got curious about the hype around Crazy Light, I went to him for some answers and some insight. “Our goal at adidas Basketball is to enable athletes to become one step quicker and jump one inch higher,” Norman said of his group’s pursuit of an ultra-light basketball shoe. “After talking to athletes over the past handful of years, and really being an athlete myself, going back all the way back to my playing days, the most important thing to me and the most important thing to all the athletes we’ve been talking to is that ‘light’ matters and ‘light’ is right. And they feel that an ounce off here and an ounce off there will enable them to become quicker on court.”
“We had a goal set for us, for many years actually, to become the lightest basketball brand. We have been achieving this in other categories. We already have the lightest football shoe with the adiZero 5-Star; we have the lightest soccer shoe with the adiZero F50, the lightest baseball shoe with the adiZero Diamond King. We have already accomplished lightest in class in other sports, it was time for basketball to do the same. The adiZero Crazy Light at 9.8 ounces accomplished that.”
“Athletes want a lighter product, whether that’s a low top or a mid-cut, and it’s not only in basketball,” revealed Norman. “The trend in lightweight running has really become a big factor in that market place. “I believe there has been $600 million extra added to the running market in the last three years just in the lightweight running market alone. In basketball, the shift towards light has created a demand for consumers to pick up the shoe right away to judge how light it is or check in an Eastbay catalog, for example, to see what the weight is because all weights are now listed. ‘Light’ has become the leading factor in decision making for all of these athletes and consumers. “I believe the trend is headed towards “Light”,” explained Norman. “I don’t believe it’s going away and I believe we’re just getting started. For us to put a stake in the sand and say we have the lightest shoe at 9.8 ounces right now was an important thing for us to do.”