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One of the biggest challenges will be negotiating the terms of next season’s salary cap. That number is typically derived from the league’s revenues, but the pandemic cost the league an estimated $1.5 billion, according to people not authorized to speak publicly, so that formula is untenable. A massive salary cap drop would push the overwhelming majority of the league deep into the luxury tax while drying up the free-agent market in an instant at the same time.
As a whole, the NBA lost an estimated $694 million from 258 canceled regular-season games after the league shut down in mid-March because of the pandemic. The top five fan-revenue losers (including lost home games): Lakers — $52.7 million (10). Knicks — $45 million (8). Warriors — $42.5 million (7). Rockets — $35 million (9). Celtics — $31.5 million (9). The bottom five: Grizzlies — $10.4 million (8). Hornets — $11.7 million (10). Timberwolves — $11.7 million (9). Cavaliers — $11.8 million (5). Suns — $11.8 million (6). The average loss in fan-based incom
TMR’s 2019-20 Fan Cost Index (FCI) is an estimate of how much it costs a family of four to attend a game in a particular league, and this year’s NBA average is $430, an increase of $9 over a year ago. The FCI formula is based on the average cost of four adult non-premium tickets, single-car parking, two draft beers, four soft drinks, four hot dogs, and two adult-sized adjustable hats. The hats are a proxy for the endless souvenirs available at an arena or stadium. Here are the five costliest FCIs: Knicks — $901. Lakers — $739. Warriors — $703. Celtics — $579. Bulls — $562. And here are the five cheapest: Hornets — $233. Grizzlies — $262. Pelicans — $278. Timberwolves — $297. Hawks — $302

G-League season in jeopardy?

Now that the NBA Finals have been completed, league and union officials will embark on figuring out a host of pandemic parameters for next season. Amid those negotiations, there’s no guarantee a standard G-League season will come off. According to industry sources, there have been discussions of various scenarios for a G-League campaign, including not holding one at all and expanding NBA rosters instead.
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One plan could feature having a handful of week-long G-League showcases in a bubble setting to ensure young players stay active. If a more normalized G-League season is attempted, sources said it would have to be with a regionalized schedule to reduce travel. Because G-League teams have modest budgets, clubs mostly fly commercial, which is risky amid the COVID-19 crisis. Teams occasionally bus to games against nearby clubs.
If a 2020-21 campaign happens, it will feature a fledgling G-League Select Team not affiliated with an NBA organization, The new Gatorade-funded club will make its home base in Walnut Creek, Calif., and will be made up of recently graduated high school seniors, including stud Jalen Green, who didn’t want to go the one-and-done college route or head overseas like LaMelo Ball. The select club is expected to host a tournament in November or December facing random G-League players. Its existence is a motivator to stage a season, sources indicated.