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Scott Perry to sign extension with Knicks?

Scott Perry signed a one-year contract extension with the New York Knicks in April of 2020 following the departure of Steve Mills and the hiring of Leon Rose. “Scott Perry only got a one-year contract extension,” said Brian Windhorst. “I think someone should want to hire him,” replied Ramona Shelburne. “I’ll get in trouble for saying this because it will get aggregated, but I hear Scott Perry will be around the Knicks longer,” said Windhorst. “He will be. I hear it is all going to be worked out.”
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In the Knicks’ defense, they probably get inundated with calls/emails from agents looking to find a job for their clients. And just because this group of agents didn’t get their calls returned immediately doesn’t mean the Knicks were ignoring calls from most agents. But the NBA is a relationship business. And the agent you’re overlooking today may have a player next year whom you’re interested in signing. This season, the group of agents referenced above has noticed something new about New York. They say Rose and his front office return calls/emails/texts promptly. And they are upfront in their communications. “That’s all you can ask for,” another agent says.
Ian Begley: Funny line from Tom Thibodeau, who was asked about whether or not Chris Paul & NYK had mutual interest in a trade last offseason: “Well, I don’t think (Paul) liked the team president.” Thibodeau, of course, was joking about Paul being represented by Leon Rose when Rose was at CAA
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