Leon Rose Rumors

Q: Why is Leon Rose the right man to lead the Knicks? Mike Woodson: Leon’s been in the basketball world in a different capacity [super-agent], and Jim thought enough to turn his team over to him, and Leon has connections in terms of players throughout our league, and he’s been around basketball. That’s a big part of it. If he was a guy that was just an office guy working for a major corporation, no affiliation with basketball, it would be totally different, but he’s been around it all his life, and he’s made major connections through his relationships, so I just think it was a perfect fit obviously for Jim. Based on what they’ve done so far, it’s working, I think.
“I want to thank my Knick family for allowing me to get out of my contract and come home,” Woodson said Monday morning during his introductory press conference. “Jim Dolan gets a bad rap in New York. But he was a great owner for me. He allowed me to be head coach and he allowed me to come back to be an assistant. I want to thank (president) Leon Rose, Wes (Wesley) Scott Perry and Tom Thibodeau, who is a great coach. His beautiful staff they’ve assembled in New York has allowed me to do what I do now. They didn’t have to do that. I think them very much from the bottom of my heart. Everyone in that Knicks organization is first class.”