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Leon Rose won't interfere with Tom Thibodeau's rotation

Tom Thibodeau has full rotation autonomy and support from Knicks president Leon Rose, even if it means the popular younger players aren’t getting much playing time. That was the message on the team’s in-house network from Rose, who was asked if the front office has set guidelines on playing time distribution. “There’s no edicts,” Rose said. “We love our young players, too. Believe me. Thibs is the coach. Thibs decides who plays, how many minutes, what the rotations are. The one thing I know about Thibs – he’s going to make decisions based on who is going to win us a basketball game. That’s his role and I have full confidence in that.”
Knicks President Leon Rose was asked about the trade during a recent interview. While not opening about the details of the trade talks, he claimed that his team made a decision to go forward with the players that they have and was happy with the draft picks at their disposal that could be used in future trades. “Well, I’m not allowed to speak with regard to players that are under contract with other teams,” Rose said on MSG Networks. “However, as you know, it is my job to evaluate and look at trades and things of that nature in order to improve the team. Like I said when I came in, we’re going to be aggressive, we’re going to be opportunistic.