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Lester Quinones Rumors

Lester Quinones: My niche to get into the league right now is 3-and-D. So just going in and really locking in on defense, and hitting open shots. I feel like that’s what’s just going to get me into the league. Once I’m there, that’s when I can just really show more of my complete game, like making reads, coming off the pick and roll, making passes, showing my IQ, and stuff like that…just 3-and-D for now, and then just let my game grow once I get there.
Are there any impact players that you see in the league today that reminds you of yourself? Lester Quinones: LQ: Guys like Mikal Bridges, him going into the league and being a good 3-and-D player. Klay [Thompson] has been a favorite player of mine for years now. With him being a 3-and-D player… just watching guys like that really just helps with studying film and really just perfect my craft, and get my game to the next level. Guys like Bridges and Klay are guys I look at.