LiAngelo Ball Rumors

LaVar Ball says the pathway for LiAngelo Ball to get to the Lakers is a clear one … and it runs through the new hoops league he created — THE JBA!! L.A. — along with the other 29 teams in the NBA — passed on Gelo in the draft last month … so now the most famous Ball has a new plan to fix that — put him in a JBA jersey with LaMelo. “It’s not even a yellow brick road,” LaVar tells TMZ Sports. “It’s a road that he has to take. It’s nothing wrong with this.”
LiAngelo Ball says he’s going to be a Los Angeles Laker! … Eventually. We got Lonzo’s little bro at LAX on Wednesday … and we just had to ask about his dad’s prediction that Gelo will join up with Zo in the purple and gold. “Yeah, I will,” Gelo says. “Probably later. I think I will.” Just one problem … Gelo says nobody from the NBA has called about putting him on their roster — so sounds like it’ll DEFINITELY be later rather than sooner.
Storyline: LiAngelo Ball Free Agency
LiAngelo Ball chased his dream of making it to the NBA, but has since struggled to garner a Summer League invite as an undrafted free agent, let alone get drafted into the league by the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite devoting so much of his life to this pursuit—and coming up empty thus far—Gelo sounded like a young man at peace with his circumstances during a recent appearance on V103 Atlanta alongside Lonzo Ball and LaVar Ball. “It’s not upsetting at all,” he said. “At the end of the day, I’m only 19. So people acting like it’s the end of the world for me, like I’m 26 or something. Nah, I’m 19. I got other stuff I could do.”
Storyline: LiAngelo Ball Free Agency
See, Moreland went undrafted himself back in 2014 … and he turned out alright — latching on with the Sacramento Kings for a couple seasons before playing 67 games in Detroit last year. So, for Eric … he could care less what happened to the middle Ball bro this week. “It’s OK, he’ll come back,” Moreland told us. “I didn’t get drafted, you know? He’ll be there. He’ll be fine.”
LiAngelo didn’t hear his name called draft night … leaving some to wonder what’s next for the kid, who LaVar promised would one day join Lonzo on the Lakers. We got P out in L.A. and he made it clear he thinks it was a mistake for Gelo to leave UCLA in the first place, and told our guy he thinks the 19-year-old should hightail it back to Westwood. “I mean if he can, I would go back.”