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Vivek Jacob: Why yes I did ask Pascal Siakam for a Chamions League final prediction, he’s going with Real Madrid. “Shoutout Karim Benzema, I think he’s supposed to win the Ballon d’Or. He’s playing incredible.”

According to Liverpool Echo journalist Matt Addison, the said idea will definitely do all parties involved good and a project should be done sooner rather than later. Based on Addison’s assessment, through adverts starring Salah and James, it will just be a matter of time before Liverpool can “catch up in revenues” with its London rivals Manchester United, who has Cristiano Ronaldo on its squad. “There’s almost a bit of me that wonders if Liverpool have got enough out of him [Salah] commercially, marketability wise in all sorts of countries,” Addison said on the podcast. “We talk so often about the Nike kit deal, one of the areas in which Liverpool can help them catch up in revenues with Manchester United. They could’ve made even more of Salah given the status he rightly holds.”
Storyline: LeBron James Business
On Wednesday, RedBird Capital Partners invested $750 million into Fenway Sports Group, the controlling company of not just the Sox, but another iconic franchise, Liverpool F.C. Coinciding with that transaction, LeBron and his longtime friend and business partner, Maverick Carter, traded in their 2 percent ownership of the English football club to join the Fenway ownership group at large. Three hours after the deal was finalized, the chairman of both storied organizations, Tom Werner, spoke with The Athletic to discuss what it would mean to have LeBron, 36, and Carter, 41, onboard like this. At one point, Werner was asked, specifically, how Liverpool had already benefited from being associated with an NBA legend like LeBron? Unprompted, this is what Werner said:
Storyline: LeBron James Business
“We want to feel that the Red Sox are an inclusive place where everybody feels welcome. And while that may seem like an obvious notion today, the Red Sox have had a very complicated history when it comes to race relations. We work very hard to create a more diverse and inclusive organization from top to bottom. And I’m excited that LeBron and Maverick are owners of the Boston Red Sox because I believe this helps provide better representation of baseball to our fans.”
What does that mean for Liverpool? This is a move that could change the landscape of sports in the U.S., and will certainly have an impact on Liverpool. Werner clearly thinks LeBron and Carter could transcend all of Fenway Sports Group, including the defending Premier League champs. Nothing will be off-limits to them. “I will be surprised actually if they don’t weigh in (on management decisions of either team), I would welcome their thoughts,” Werner said. “I think that the relationship that the consumer has with a sporting team is an emotional one. I consider Maverick to be one of my closest friends, and I’ve spent hours with him talking about strategy, coaching, the lessons that I’ve learned from (Liverpool manager) Jurgen Klopp, and the lessons that he’s learned as an astute observer of basketball.
While Henry remains the principal owner of Liverpool, Werner has the second-highest number of shares. RedBird’s investment means it now has the third-biggest stake in the club, ahead of Mike Gordon — who effectively serves as Liverpool’s general manager. Neither LeBron nor Carter will suddenly be providing input on the balance of Klopp’s midfield or who should be targeted as Georginio Wijnaldum’s replacement this summer. But they will have a significant role in the direction of the club’s commercial strategy, and their contacts will at some point benefit recruitment — which impacts on-pitch strategy.
Storyline: LeBron James Business