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Lockout Rumors

At times, the fear of a lockout has also come up. Michele Roberts: Nobody wants that. When the players ask me now: Michele, do you think the owners are going to try to lock us out? I use the analysis: the revenue hit is not to be ignored. But do I think we’re not going to rebound and make money again and again soon … I do think we will. You don’t kill the golden goose. I would bet there is not a chance of a lockout. If it happens, it will be absolutely because they are unreasonable and folks without any foresight are driving the train. I happen to think that Adam is neither of those.
In light of recent standoffs between teams and superstars like Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler and Anthony Davis, some commentators, including TNT’s Charles Barkley, have predicted that the NBA is headed for a lockout. Aggrieved owners, critics reason, will not stand for players repeatedly forcing their way to greener pastures by issuing public trade demands and sitting out long stretches of games. “When you only have one winner every year, there’s always something [for an owner] to be unhappy about,” Silver said, noting that holdouts were more common when he first started working for the NBA in the 1990s than they are today. “We don’t want to see that sort of conflict, but this is nothing new. A star player seeking a change is always going to have leverage. Bill Russell had the leverage to make himself the coach of the Boston Celtics. Wilt Chamberlain made himself the coach of the 76ers and then demanded a trade. There are a lot of stories, including former players on television, who weren’t shy about exerting leverage when they were players.”
Storyline: Lockout
Falk: From the very beginning Billy Hunter was very, very opaque. He did not provide much information. He didn’t communicate much. I told my clients, “Listen, this is your livelihood and if I can’t access Billy, then you have to get involved and know what’s going on and sit down and plan out strategies on how to protect your interests.” They’re intelligent people. Patrick is a very intelligent man. Juwan Howard is a very intelligent man. Alonzo is a very intelligent man. Dikembe Mutombo is a very intelligent man. People accused me of trying to hijack the union—you couldn’t pay me a billion dollars a year to run the union. I have zero interest in doing that. But I think if I’m going to do my job for my clients, it’s important that I understand the dynamics of what’s going on. And so that’s why I had to get involved.