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Lorena Torres Rumors

Since the news of the NBA’s hiatus nearly four weeks ago, the Sixers’ staff has been committed to helping the team’s players through all facets of this crisis. “From Day 1, we were ready to take care of our players,” said Lorena Torres, the team’s Performance Director, who was creating individualized workout plans the night the NBA announced its suspension. “We were prepared … and we are a team that believes in individualization, covering individualized needs,” Torres said. “But it’s more than just physical plans, it’s also about the mental and nutritional side of it.”
Torres worked closely with JaeHee Cho, the Sixers’ Executive Chef. “It was actually really incredible to see all the different talented people, and people at the top of their field, all working for the Sixers,” Cho said, “and all of a sudden the goal wasn’t how do we win basketball games anymore, it was how do we keep everyone healthy and fed properly during a pandemic? What does that actually mean? “It was an incredible amount of information being exchanged, and from a professional development point of view, it was pretty cool to see how fast we could mobilize actions and get things done.”