Luke Walton Rumors

The Sacramento Kings announced today that Rex Kalamian has been named Assistant Coach. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed. “I’m excited to add Rex’s experience and perspective to the team,” said Kings Head Coach Luke Walton. “His nearly 30 years in the league will benefit our group and I look forward to working with him.” Kalamian returns to the Kings after serving as assistant coach from 2007 to 2009.

With Divac gone, there is potential to hit a reset button. McNair has a huge decision in front of him and since he’s never run his own team, we don’t have a track record to turn to. On paper, Hield is a player that McNair should love. The Kings’ new GM wants his team to play fast and to shoot a bunch of 3-pointers, which is basically Hield’s game in a nutshell. McNair has likely already had conversations with Walton about his thoughts on Hield.
Gentry, who spent the last five seasons coaching New Orleans, brings one of the NBA’s most respected offensive minds to the coaching staff. Kerr believes Gentry’s experience with coaches like Doug Collins and Mike D’Antoni, blending with Walton’s connections to legendary coaches like Lute Olson and Phil Jackson, could benefit the Kings. “That’s what you look for in a staff, these historical connections and how they can blend together,” Kerr said. “And Alvin is just really good making these connections and helping an offense find a really good rhythm and groove. I think that’s what he’s going to help bring to Luke and Sacramento.”
“I’ve always liked Luke’s combination of his knowledge of the game and his comfort in his own skin, but the humility that comes with that and the humor that comes with it,” Kerr said. “So he felt 100 percent confident in what he was saying every day. Luke’s got as good a feel for the game as anybody I’ve ever been around. Watching him play all those years I loved his passing and I loved his court awareness. “So when he got into coaching it was such a natural fit for him because he loves the game. On our staff, even as a rookie coach, he believed in what he was saying. He just has a real down to earth, humble way of being part of a staff and still being very confident in what he’s doing, that’s a good combination.”