Macedonia Rumors

Macedonian basketball fans were ordered to put out of sight Macedonian flags with the Vergina Sun during an NBA match, reports. The Macedonian fans were waiting for Macedonian basketball player Pero Antic, who currently plays for the Atlanta Hawks, to start playing in the match when they were ordered to take down the flags. The Vergina Sun is a politically charged solar symbol and presents a point of conflict mainly between Greece and the Republic of Macedonia. It was discovered during archaeological excavations around the town of Vergina, in Macedonia [a geographic region of Greece], in the late 1970s.
Each national team in Europe is allowed a naturalized player and Lekic saw McCalebb as a key addition to a team that had been steadily improving for six years. “Usually you need to take a few months to check the personality, to check the qualities and character … with Bo we were without worries,” he said. “A few times we went out for coffee and colas and we were soon laughing at jokes; he was Macedonian after two weeks already,” added Lekic.
McCalebb spends a month each year training with the Macedonian national squad and admits to only knowing “the bad stuff” when it comes to speaking the language. It was a surprise to get a call from Lekic, he admits, but unconcerned by any culture shock (or loss of U.S. citizenship) he also saw the chance to represent Macedonia as a way to boost his own career. “I talked to a lot of older players and they said you can play longer with a (European) passport; I didn’t even think about it, I just said yes.”