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Madison Square Garden Rumors

New Yorkers who get vaccinated at Madison Square Garden will have a chance to score a free ticket to a Knicks playoff game starting Tuesday, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced. “The New York Knicks are joining us to speed up the vaccinations in the city, to reach more people and keep them safe,” Hizzoner said during his daily virtual press briefing while wearing a blue Knicks cap. “The Knicks are bringing the vaccination effort right there, to the Garden.”
Storyline: Coronavirus Vaccine
Knicks superfan Spike Lee was hopping around the court early in the game but was left staring blankly with his hands on both of his hips. Madison Square Garden has built villains over the past decades. Michael Jordan. Reggie Miller. Young is looking to place his name on the pantheon of the most-hated players in MSG. He relishes that. “Mhmm. Of course,” Young said. “I definitely know the history of players coming in here and being hated. Like I said, I take it as a compliment, to be honest with you. I’m obviously doing something right if you hate me this much. I just embrace it and focus on my team to help them win. At the end of the day, we’ll get the last laugh if we do that.”
But the Hawks’ ability to win Game 1 of this playoff series was about more than just Young. They are young and talented and full of scorers. But we couldn’t really know what to expect from them in the postseason because they had never been tested at this level, with this much on the line and in such a hostile environment. Now we know. “Nobody looked shocked,” said veteran guard Lou Williams, who briefly considered retirement after a late-season trade with the Los Angeles Clippers. “Nobody looked like the moment was too big. And what a hell of a place to have your debut, right? Madison Square Garden. The first time the fans were in the building. It felt good. The energy was electric.”
He put the Frenchman into the contest with 23 seconds left in the first half to hound Young on the last possession. It worked as the Hawks committed a turnover. Thibodeau went back to the well with nine seconds left in the game and the score tied. It didn’t work. Young put the moves on Ntilikina — four crossovers — before he got by him and lifted the game-winning floater for the Hawks’ 107-105 victory in front of a stunned Madison Square Garden crowd of 15,047 on Sunday night. Putting in Ntilikina cold backfired, though it’s not like Elfrid Payton or Derrick Rose could keep up with Young on this night. “Obviously you’re putting Frank in for his defense,’’ Thibodeau said. “But [Young] made a good play, we’ll take a look at the film and go from there.’’
The Hawks, though slightly favored by Las Vegas to win the first-round series, will get a taste of the Knicks’ smash-mouth defense before the largest Garden crowd in 14 months. “It’s been electric in there even with 2,000,’’ Knicks defensive shot-blocking center Nerlens Noel said. “I’m super excited to get more. I think it’ll be a great atmosphere for us. The fans are going to bring it at a high level. It’s been eight years. They’re definitely living in the moment right now. They’re capturing it and seizing it. Us as a collective unit need to give them what they want to be our sixth man to push us through.’’