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Makur Maker Rumors

As the 2022 NBA draft is around the corner, the 6-foot-11 Maker talked with HoopsHype about his journey and the outlook of his young career. It seems like you’re always on the move. Tell me a bit about your journey Makur Maker: I’ve been traveling since I been a young kid. It’s all just to chase my dream. Been a long journey, but I’m really enjoying it. Grew up in Australia, then traveled to L.A. when I was young to pursue my basketball dreams. And then from there on just moved to follow the competition.
Storyline: Makur Maker Going Pro?
What do you feel like you’ve done in the past season that you think should solidify you to be more than just a second-round pick (projected)? Makur Maker: The biggest thing is just the right fit. A team that sees my skill and potential. willing to build off that. This last year in the NBL I used it as my rookie year. I didn’t get a chance to play a lot – I didn’t get the minutes I wanted to. I had to shift my mindset and play a role that can contribute to winning. That was rebounding, defending, running the lane hard, scoring, setting good screens, things like that
Apple TV+ has announced that its documentary about NBA hopeful Makur Maker “The Long Game: Bigger Than Basketball,” will premiere alongside its basketball series about “Magic” Johnson. Previously titled “Big Man on Campus,” Apple says that the new documentary series about Maker will follow his “groundbreaking decision to forgo the NBA and play for Howard University.