Marc Lasry Rumors

What are your expectations moving forward in how you hope the NBA’s social justice coalition responds to this and puts more additional pressure on local leaders to make any other changes? Wesley Matthews: “Well, I mean, I’m sure, I’m very confident that [Bucks owner] Marc Lasry and the Milwaukee Bucks are doing their diligence right now, especially with it happening in their own backyard. I’m very confident in that. It really is disheartening. But, you know, leaders have to be leaders and everybody has to take ownership for their own community. You know, it just can’t be those that have the platform. It’s got to be everybody. And I think we saw what impact that those with the platform can do and we saw even more impact with those who without a platform can do when everybody does it together, when everybody does it with the mission, when everybody does it the right … with their heart for. It’s all that we can continue to ask for, it’s all we can continue to strive for and fight for and that’s what is going to continue to happen.”
It was not a straight-forward decision and came with days upon days of deliberating for Antetokounmpo and his inner circle. Sources say he mulled on the decision throughout the past couple of weeks. The Bucks were able to seal the deal, in part, with a late-in-the-process, crucial sit-down when franchise co-owners Marc Lasry and Wes Edens flew to Chicago on Dec. 12 for a midday meeting with Saratsis.
While that was a critical meeting in the process, it was not the only one that took place to get the deal done. After spending most of his limited offseason in Greece, Antetokounmpo flew back to Milwaukee on Nov. 29. A few days after landing stateside, the superstar forward met with Saratsis to discuss the supermax extension and figure out how they wanted to proceed. On Dec. 5, Lasry and Edens joined Antetokounmpo and Saratsis at the superstar’s River Hills home for their first in-person discussion about the long-term contract. That is when the Bucks formally presented Antetokounmpo with the five-year, $228.2 million contract, sources said.
Late that Monday evening, just minutes after the agreement was struck, word reached the news media of Milwaukee and Sacramento’s intended sign-and-trade. And during the board of governors’ call on Tuesday, several league sources indicated that Bucks governor Marc Lasry stopped just short of bragging about Milwaukee’s impressive Monday evening of transactions. However, multiple league personnel participating on the call said they did not remember any Bucks official gloating or any noted behavior or conversation out of the ordinary.