Maria Sharapova Rumors

Nets shooting guard Sasha Vujacic won two NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s also engaged to tennis star Maria Sharapova. The synergy between Sharapova, a beautiful athlete, and Vujacic being an accomplished NBA player garnered extra media attention especially when the two were engaged. TMZ and Deadspin reported their engagement. “It has its pluses and minuses with TMZ, we live our life pretty low key—we are devoted to what we are doing,” said Vujacic in a recent interview. Vujacic acknowledges the balance of a good upbringing from his parents and his early start in his sport for keeping him grounded in handling media. “The journalism brings you to celebrity status but you try to stay down to Earth as much as you can,” he added. “Spending seven years in Los Angeles playing for one of the best teams on the planet definitely gives you opportunity to be out there and it just grows if you are smart with it.”
7 years ago via SLAM