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Lamar Odom’s new lease on life since coming out of a coma has made him want to improve other people’s lives too … enter his cannabis company. We got the former NBA Champion at Five Star Juice in Torrance, CA Friday and talked to him about the release of his brand of marijuana products, called Rich Soil, which he believes can help people with their ailments … like it’s helped him. Odom says his goal to get people “healthy high,” saying … “I want to get people better, bro. If I can get ’em high, I can get ’em better.”
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Your winter meeting is Friday. Can you share what is on the agenda? Michele Roberts: “Not much. It will be a discussion of some of the issues that have been in the news. There has been a lot of buzz from the start of the year about medical marijuana. A lot of players are interested in knowing what that is all about, so we will have some conversations about that. [NBA commissioner] Adam [Silver] has revisited the issue on one-and-done, but there are some conversations we will have with the league about that. I wanted to get some input from players about that.
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