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MarJon Beauchamp Rumors

Five-star high school basketball prospect MarJon Beauchamp rejected multiple Division I offers to commit to a 12-month training program that will help him prepare for the 2021 NBA draft when he’s eligible. In a Thursday press release, the new training program Chameleon BX announced Beauchamp, a rising senior high school wing who plays for Dream City Christian (Glendale, Arizona), will be skipping his NCAA eligibility for the 2020-21 season in favor of bettering his game in an unorthodox fashion.
“I’m genuinely humbled by all the interest and offers I received by some great schools. Although they were tough to turn down, I believe the Chameleon BX program provides the kind of personalized attention I need to get my body and game properly prepared for pursuing my dream of a career in the NBA,” Beauchamp said in the press release. Chameleon BX, a 12-month training program founded this year, is the brainchild of renowned trainer Frank Matrisciano, who has the philosophy that the NCAA, NBA G League and international competition do not adequately prepare teenagers for the pros.