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Mark Ayotte Rumors

Three former NBA referees sued the league in the Southern District of New York on Saturday, claiming the NBA violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and NY and NYC’s human rights laws in rejecting their requests for a religious exemption from taking a COVID-19 vaccine. Mark Ayotte, Ken Mauer and Jason Phillips, who collectively had more than 70 years of experience refereeing, demand a jury trial. They seek more than $100,000 in damages that would reflect front and back pay as well as compensation for “reputational damages and for emotional pain and suffering.”
Mauer, who was raised Catholic and attended church on Sundays, was aware of the Pope’s position but had a “difficult time accepting the Pope’s stance in promoting this vaccine.” In fact, Mauer’s opposition led him to “attend different denominations from week to week,” eventually landing with him joining the Baptist Evangelical Eagle Brook megachurch community. Mauer sought an exemption from the NBA on two grounds. First, he said the vaccines “utilize aborted fetal issue,” which conflicts with his “belief that life begins at conception.” Second, Mauer said the vaccines are “unnatural and will pollute my body forever with synthetic mRNA,” which conflicts with his belief that “God’s name is on every human chromosome.”