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When you describe it that way, Gordon, the thought might have been given all this uncertainty and all this upheaval in our life. ‘We’ve got a new baby, where do we live? How do we go? Why don’t we just opt in? Why don’t we just opt in, play another year in Boston at that $34 million number? And then I’ll go into free agency next year.’ I mean, that was the easy way to do it, right? Gordon Hayward: It was certainly an option and a very good option. I think talking with Mark, it was one of those things where he and I felt like there were other opportunities out there. Let’s explore these opportunities. And at the end of the day, we felt like the other opportunities were our best bet.

Bradley Beal's agent: 'He doesn't want to quit'

Only, Beal does not want next. He wants to carve his own path, not the one dictated by widespread player movement and the media that spotlights it, and that still means constructing a contender in Washington. “He doesn’t want to quit on something,” Beal’s agent, Mark Bartelstein of Priority Sports & Entertainment, told Yahoo Sports. “He’s an incredibly loyal guy, and he wants to always feel like he’s done everything he can to help something or someone be successful. It’s the way he was raised and what his values are based upon. It’s ingrained in him. It’s what makes him, in my mind, so unique. He’s all about the right things.”
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“It’s the team that drafted him, the team that’s invested in him, and he desperately wants to make them a championship contender,” Bartelstein, who has represented Beal since the 2012 draft, told Yahoo Sports. “He wants to make it happen. That’s the way he is. He’s not looking for the easy way out. He challenges himself. The evolution of his game speaks volumes about how committed he is and how hard he works.”
Beal wants to see the same turnaround come his way in Washington. So, barring a shift in direction for the Wizards, who are said to have “zero” to “no interest” in dealing Beal, any speculation is more time wasted. “Nothing is absolute. Things change all the time,” Bartelstein told Yahoo Sports, “but when he’s in, he’s all in. That’s where his focus is. He’s focused on raising their level and getting to that point. A lot of what is going on in the media right now is unfair. Every facial expression, every movement, every time his eyes are looking somewhere, people are reading so much into every little thing. There’s nothing there to read into.

Adrian Wojnarowski on Bradley Beal: 'He’s not expressed really at all yet that he’s ready to move on'

He shared conversation with Beal’s agent Mark Bartelstein who said that his client’s thought are on turning the Wizards around. “I think this a conversation for the Wizards and Beal that perhaps is had in the offseason. He is not going to be on the trade market in the near future,” Wojnarowski said. “And he’s not expressed really at all yet that he’s ready to move on. He has loved that city, that organization. He is fighting through a lot right now.”
When did you start having confidence that — forget about the public narrative — that the league itself still valued you to this degree? Gordon Hayward: Well, you know that’s why you hire an agent. That’s why I think Mark (Bartelstein) is the best in the business, and I let him do his thing with going out and finding out what teams were interested, what was going to be available financially, where maybe the best basketball fit for me would be, where my family would be happiest. All of that stuff goes into it. So that’s when I’m talking with Mark every day about those types of things, and it was something that was unlike any other free agency just with the timing of it. Free agency starts, and it’s like, ‘Boom, all right, now let’s make a decision.’ There just wasn’t any time. It all happened super, super fast.