Mark Bartelstein Rumors

What agents today motivate you, keep you kind of on your game? What agents? What peers of yours? Bill Duffy: You know, Mark Bartelstein, Jeff Schwartz. I mean, we’ve were competitors for many, many years, but we’ve become pretty good friends. I think we have a collective interest in the well-being of the league. So we kind of cooperate with each other. I think the Mark Termini and Rich Paul crew, I’ve known Mark for 40 years, I have lot of respect for him. I’ve known Rich since he was, you know, 16-17 years old running around. So it’s amazing what he’s been able to do.
More than six months have passed since Louisville played its last game of the 2019-20 season and Jordan Nwora competed in the final outing of his three-year college career. Since then he has prepped for the NBA draft, which was slated for Oct. 16 and now may be moved to Nov. 18. Neither Nwora nor his agent, Priority Sports President Mark Bartelstein, know the date or format of the Draft Combine, although Nwora has an invite.
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