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Playing to a score appeals to the sport’s pickup roots. “The games gained way more excitement,” says Jake Lerner, a four-year player at Drexel University who coached in last year’s TBT. “It adds a streetball element. Any player would rather play pickup to 7 than a timed game.” (For what it’s worth: Lerner is not 100 percent behind the concept. As a coach, he missed the strategic clock-related machinations of crunch time — such as diagramming quick 2s and seeking 2-for-1s.) Mark Cuban and Daryl Morey are among NBA luminaries excited to see Elam’s idea play out in games of consequence. “This idea would address the number one viewer issue I see in NBA games — the endless trips to the free throw line and timeouts at the end of games,” Morey, Houston’s GM, told last year.
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This pattern of behavior, described by seven current and former Mavericks employees who spoke to The Dallas Morning News on the condition of anonymity, continued for six years despite a warning from owner Mark Cuban that he stop viewing pornography on his office computer. The senior account executive, who worked for the Mavericks for 15 years, was one of the central figures who helped cultivate a sexually charged work environment in the NBA franchise’s corporate office, according to the current and former employees interviewed by The News.