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All that said, a lot of the fan base has wondered if the Mavericks’ stance on Porzingis sitting out would change ‘IF’ the team ended up making it to the postseason over this last stretch of games. Would getting hot late tempt them to change their minds? According to Mavs owner Mark Cuban, the answer to that question is ‘no.’ “He is (still) out,” Cuban tells me on Monday afternoon, and than means regardless of what happens with the Mavs the rest of this season. While some might question the Mavs’ thinking there, I can understand where they’re coming from. If Dallas makes the postseason, there will have to be some excellent basketball played during this final 25-game stretch. If that happens, the team would be playing well enough that inserting Porzingis into the equation “cold turkey” wouldn’t make much sense, and might actually hurt their chemistry at that point.
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Silver said Dallas owner Mark Cuban, who pledged to give $10 million to women’s groups after an investigation showed a long-caustic workplace culture within the Mavericks’ organization, is “absolutely meeting his commitment.” “He’s told me he’s doing far more beyond that,” Silver said. “That is his personal decision and not something he’s seeking any publicity around, so I won’t talk more about that.”
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