Mark Tatum Rumors

For further exposure, there will be a huge LED screen behind the draft podium where NBA commissioner Adam Silver and deputy commissioner Mark Tatum will be making the picks. When each player is selected, team imagery, logos and colors will be displayed as usual. But the live reaction of the player will also be screened, which will provide them with the virtual representation of them side-by-side with the commissioner for their archives. Some other elements for fans to know when watching the broadcast: more than 17 teams have granted live access and a behind-the-scenes look at the “war rooms” for their decision-makers. Several general managers and coaches have made themselves available for interviews after their picks.
Before the pandemic and social unrest plagued the world, the NBA lost two of its icons in former commissioner David Stern and Kobe Bryant. And this time last year, a rift with its international business partner, China, started. The NBA has said that feud could cost $400 million. “I would say it’s been a challenging year,” Tatum said in an interview with CNBC. “It’s been our longest season in NBA history, and so much was thrown at us collectively as a league.”
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Tatum said the NBA is still working through the auditing process with the National Basketball Players Association. The parties also need to agree on a start date for the next season. Tatum said the league learned a lot from its bubble environment and envisioned new capabilities because of 5G availability, which wireless carriers have been installing in sports arenas and stadiums around the country.
Tatum said the league isn’t concerned about the viewership decline. He offered additional social media metrics to prove “tremendous interest” in the league and mentioned the billions of video views and more than 300 million YouTube views during the playoffs, which is up 63% from last year, he said. The NBA further defends the ratings slide due to changes in the way people consume sports. “These are things that not only are affecting us but every other sports league,” Tatum said. “But we understand the numbers are what they are.”
Spruell was responsible for overseeing the development of the league’s competitive format of 22 teams, which included individual workouts at team facilities, travel to the bubble, team practices, scrimmages, seeding games, postseason play-in games and the traditional playoffs. He led orientation sessions with players, head coaches and staff from all 22 participating teams and the officiating staff. And he said he has had well over 100 meetings over the past several months, including with all 30 NBA general managers, representatives from the players association and the competition advisory group. Spruell, who is third in command behind commissioner Adam Silver and incumbent deputy commissioner Mark Tatum, was also the highest-ranking NBA official on-site when the Milwaukee Bucks decided to not play in a playoff game on Aug. 26 to protest the police shooting of Jacob Blake in their state of Wisconsin. The Bucks’ decision resulted in the other remaining teams not playing over three days.
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