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Mark Wahlberg Rumors

Today, you’ll find everything from $5,000 Air Jordans to a $70,000 Louis Vuitton x Supreme Trunk on StockX. The result? StockX Revenue: 2019: $239 million 2020: $400 million Furthermore, the company has added celebrity investors like Mark Wahlberg, Scooter Braun, Kalie Kloss, Steve Aoki, Marc Benioff, Eminem, and more. The craziest part? StockX raised $275 million at a $2.8 billion valuation in 2020, meaning Dan Gilbert’s third business is now worth almost 2x the current Cleveland Cavaliers valuation.
So he trains three times a day, which isn’t all that unusual for a pro athlete. But he starts his mornings at 4:00, a strategy he gleaned from his close friend Mark Wahlberg, who famously wakes up at 2:30 a.m. “I picked up that hustle and that grind from him, waking up early and doing it,” said Butler. “I really cherish his mentorship, brotherhood, and friendship. He teaches me how to continually get better.” Butler said that since the birth of his daughter in October 2019, his routine has been challenged by the realities of parenthood. He now spends 30 minutes in the morning trying to wriggle out from underneath her, because he can’t bring himself to wake her up.
Mark Wahlberg revealed on Instagram this week that Grace, his 9-year-old, told him she wanted to start playing basketball, so he roped none other than Jimmy Butler into giving her some personal lessons. “Gracie, who’s you basketball coach?” Wahlberg asks in a video posted to IG. “Jimmy,” his daughter responds, with Butler then chiming in: “The best coach ever!”