Mark Wahlberg Rumors

He’s already producing and acting in the movie — but now Mark Wahlberg is making a play to DIRECT his upcoming movie about the life of NBA star Caron Butler. We broke the story … Wahlberg has been targeting huge names like Spike Lee, Peter Berg and Barry Jenkins to direct the flick about Butler’s journey from dealing drugs to becoming an NBA all-star.
Storyline: Caron Butler Movie
“Thibs, I’m so happy to be with you again,” Butler started. “I’m training. I’m excited. I’m ready to show the world. I’m ready to motherf—— go!” Thibodeau let him rant. “O.K., Jimmy,” he said. “We’ll talk. Enjoy your time in Paris.” Butler looked dumbfounded at the phone, as if an impersonator were on the other line. Enjoy your time in Paris. “Hmm,” Butler thought. “That’s weird.” The next day he ate dinner at Chez l’Ami Louis, a 93-year-old bistro with a dozen tables that was recommended by Mark Wahlberg. Over escargot he broke up laughing at the ludicrousness of his working life, which started back at Denny’s in Tomball, where he quit on his first day after accidentally dousing a table of customers with a tray of drinks.
Storyline: Thibodeau-Butler Dynamic
Mark Wahlberg is GOING BIG in his search for the perfect director for the Caron Butler biopic — we’re told he’s lasering in on 3 names … Peter Berg, Spike Lee and Barry Jenkins. Wahlberg has been gung ho about the project since securing the rights to make a movie based on Butler’s life story last year. The story is incredible … Butler overcame a hard life as a drug dealing youth who was arrested more than 15 times to become an NBA champion. Our sources tell us the first draft of the script is complete and Wahlberg’s team has been in contact with all three directors. We’re told the plan is for Wahlberg to have a major role in the flick.
We got Wahlberg out in NYC and asked him about the Celtics’ envious dilemma, whether to use the #1 pick in this year’s draft on a college stud (probably Fultz) or trade for an elite NBA player. Mark — a huge Celtics fan — made his position clear, he wants to slang the pick, and wouldn’t mind getting his good friend — and Bulls star — Jimmy Butler back in return.
“Later, down the road I meet this guy Mark Wahlberg. People misunderstand,” says Butler. “I see Mark walk into all these hotels and speak to everyone the same way, whole conversations. I saw him pay for the guy who shines shoes to go on vacation. He doesn’t even wear shoes like that; he wears Timberlands and Jordans. He’ll sit down with the guy and have a conversation and then every time he comes back, I can’t remember his name, but Mark knows his name and his family. He treats people that way. Those are the kind of people I want to be around.