Mark West Rumors

Having joined Jeff Hornacek’s staff when his former teammate was hired to coach the Suns in 2013, West was recently invited by Jim Pitman, the Mercury’s general manager, to spend some time with Griner, and as of this week has been filling Lange’s old role as Griner’s pre-practice workout partner. “I’m just trying to teach her some subtleties, because she’s already talented,” West said after one such session Thursday. “She’s had great success without me ever showing up in the gym, so I can just try to pass on some of the little tricks of the trade that I know from being around the game for a long time, and incorporate it with some of the things she already does.”
The Suns withdrew from contract talks to make Roy Rogers an assistant coach on Jeff Hornacek’s new staff. Veteran assistant coach Jerry Sichting is still expected to be on Hornacek’s coaching staff, along with Mark West moving from his role as vice president of player programs to the bench. The Suns will make two more assistant coach hires now that plans to bring in Rogers were not settled. No assistant coach hire has been formally announced.