Martynas Pocius Rumors

According to league sources, Campazzo made a significant financial commitment to aid his buyout from Real Madrid. From Denver’s perspective, it only showed how steadfast he was. The Nuggets eventually agreed to a two-year deal worth $6 million for Campazzo, a league source told The Post. “Any other teams, he could’ve easily taken probably bigger money, much bigger role on a team that would not be in the playoffs,” Nuggets scout Marty Pocius said. “I think for him the most important thing was to be in a winning culture and have a chance to win.”
Pocius has been Campazzo’s lifeline. After Pocius picked him up from DIA, he helped him with everything from settling into his new house, to installing TV and internet, teaching him to order food, to easing his transition into training camp. “He had a lot of questions about dynamics of the team, what to expect, the referees, the different rules, even the English language,” Pocius said. Their WhatsApp chain is littered with grammatical questions.
Pocius went on to play for Real Madrid and Galatasaray — a team in Istanbul — with two more stints with Zalgiris Kaunas sandwiched in between. Seven years into his playing carer, Pocius initially had no intention of stopping. However, his body had a different idea. “Since I played at Duke, I had had seven surgeries,” Pocius said. “It took a toll on my body and I was in this cycle of getting injured, having surgery, trying rehab, all to come back and then have it happen all over again … I was reaching a point where I wasn’t enjoying basketball as much as I used to. I was a gym rat and I loved the gym, and it wasn’t fun being there anymore.”
Connelly looked at Pocius and said, “Well, if you just want to retire and come join us, we’ll make that happen.” Pocius thought it was a joke. And at that time, retiring seemed far-fetched. But after he made the decision to stop playing Pocius reached out to Connelly to see if the offer was still on the table. “I flew out to Las Vegas for Summer League and I met with Tim and all the other guys and one thing led to another,” Pocius said. “I’m truly happy that I decided to retire when I did.”