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The legendary Marv Albert was the voice of the Knicks when they won their NBA championships in 1970 and ‘73. Red Holzman’s Willis Reed-Clyde Frazier teams remain the gold standard. That’s the way it is when Knicks fans find themselves trying to scratch a 48-year itch. “They appreciate good defense, and they appreciate good passing,” Albert said. “That era was so popular because of the way they’d swing the ball, which is what Golden State did through their championship years. Steve Kerr believed in that, and so did (Spurs coach Gregg) Popovich. Those Knicks teams were very smart. Red had five coaches on the floor, basically.”
Knicks fans still know it so well. “It’s still gonna take a while, but it’s very nice that they’ve done what they’ve done,” Albert said. “The Knicks fan who is just ready to jump for joy constantly, I applaud them, that’s great! The realist will look at it and say, ‘This is wonderful, let’s hope it keeps going at a decent pace the way it’s been going.’”

Legendary NBA broadcaster Marv Albert considering retirement

Marv Albert’s voice has been the soundtrack of the NBA for decades. His legendary calls, punctuated by his signature “Yes!” have been a part of sports — especially in New York — since the 1960s. In his final season of his eight-year contract with Turner, Albert, 79, soon may put down his headset for the final time.
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Later on, the undrafted 6-foot-6 forward became a fan favorite and was immortalized in the Beastie Boys song “Lay It On Me” with the lyric: “My favorite New York Knick was Harthorne Wingo.” “Just when he went to the scorer’s table and crouched down, the crowd would go wild,” Albert told The Post. “He was a terrific guy, the most popular among the players and the crowd latched onto it. They knew he played hard, had an unusual jump shot and he had that smile. The players got a kick out of it. Very lovable.”