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Marv Albert Rumors

Now, in 2021, Albert is without a game. At the end of last season, the legendary voice of the NBA retired after 55 years calling sports. And he has a life. “I’m happy,” Albert told The Post. As the NBA opened on Tuesday night, Albert was not courtside. Instead he was flipping between his old network, TNT, while keeping a close eye on the MLB playoffs. “It reminds me of when I was a kid, though, we didn’t have as many sports available on TV,” said the now 80-year-old Albert, who grew up in Brooklyn. “I was flashing back and forth between the baseball and the basketball.”
Storyline: Marv Albert Retirement?
Albert said he missed the preparation for the games and the butterflies just before tipoff, but he sounded content as the season began without him on a lead broadcast. “I’m Mr. TV Binging,” Albert said. “I’m setting records. I could be a TV critic after this, no question. I think I’ve seen everything. Almost. I’m still enjoying ‘The Morning Show’ and ‘Hacks,’ ‘MI5,’ which has like 10 seasons, ‘Bosh,’ ‘Goliath,’ ‘Godfather of Harlem.’ I could go on and on.”
The Earl Monroe New Renaissance Basketball School is a testimony to how a basketball family can enrich and motivate a plethora of communities. With help from its founding trustee David Stern to support from current commissioner Adam Silver, the NBA Foundation as a leading donor and broadcaster Marv Albert as an advisor, the list of acknowledgments from Monroe remained nearly endless. “Our motto, it came from a statement from David Stern: ‘A ball and a book can change the world’, and that’s what we’re hoping to do,” Monroe said.
At the end of last season, the 80-year-old Albert retired and Webber walked away before the playoffs. TNT is now TBD on how it will replace the duo. Turner may not anoint anyone to the No. 1 spot this season and instead could go by a committee consisting of Eagle, Kevin Harlan and Brian Anderson.