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The Timberwolves veteran — who played for the Los Angeles Clippers for four seasons before heading to Minnesota — insisted to JJ Redick on ESPN that the Lakers’ 2020 title deserves an asterisk and that it’s a “Bubble Championship.” Here’s Beverley making his case. Kevin Harlan will sit in a chair courtside Wednesday night that, he feels, does not belong to him. It’s the same way he felt at the All-Star Game in February.  “I may be broadcasting this game tonight,” Harlan texted Marv Albert that night. “But this will always be your seat. This will always be your chair.”  Harlan is Turner Sports’ replacement for Albert as the play-by-play voice of the conference finals. He’ll be joined by Hall of Fame player Reggie Miller and ex-coach Stan Van Gundy as the Dallas Mavericks face the Golden State Warriors in the opening game of the Western Conference finals.
Having retired from broadcasting after last season’s Eastern Conference Finals, Albert, 80, plans to be there in Springfield for Clyde – COVID-19 willing. Albert and Frazier were an MSG Network team from 2000 to 2004. “He has evolved into a Hall-of-Famer as a color commentator,’’ Albert told The Post. “He’s become first-rate broadcaster, extremely popular. And much of his audience never saw him play when you think about it. “Clyde is so personable with fans. It’s the same way he was – those personality traits – as a player, always with a big smile and talking with fans.’’
With his new leisure time, Albert has started working out with a trainer, viewed a ton of Yankees and Mets games and says “I’ve become ‘Mr. Binge TV.’’’ Since 1968, Albert has called NBA playoff games annually and now the playoffs miss Albert. However, he has kept his hand in it, working on a few TNT projects that will air later in the playoffs and during next year’s All-Star Weekend.  “You miss it, especially in the playoffs where there’s been so many real good games,’’ Albert said. “I miss the people I worked with, the preparation. After a broadcast it’s a great feeling when it all comes together. Or it’s an annoying feeling if you feel if it’s so-so.
In the post-Marv Albert NBA era, Turner Sports is turning to Charles Barkley as its headliner for its All-Star Game coverage, The Post has learned. Barkley will join Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller as TNT’s team for the play-by-play of the game, according to sources. Barkley will remain a part of TNT’s studio coverage for the event, as well.
Now, in 2021, Albert is without a game. At the end of last season, the legendary voice of the NBA retired after 55 years calling sports. And he has a life. “I’m happy,” Albert told The Post. As the NBA opened on Tuesday night, Albert was not courtside. Instead he was flipping between his old network, TNT, while keeping a close eye on the MLB playoffs. “It reminds me of when I was a kid, though, we didn’t have as many sports available on TV,” said the now 80-year-old Albert, who grew up in Brooklyn. “I was flashing back and forth between the baseball and the basketball.”
Storyline: Marv Albert Retirement?
Albert said he missed the preparation for the games and the butterflies just before tipoff, but he sounded content as the season began without him on a lead broadcast. “I’m Mr. TV Binging,” Albert said. “I’m setting records. I could be a TV critic after this, no question. I think I’ve seen everything. Almost. I’m still enjoying ‘The Morning Show’ and ‘Hacks,’ ‘MI5,’ which has like 10 seasons, ‘Bosh,’ ‘Goliath,’ ‘Godfather of Harlem.’ I could go on and on.”