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Maryland-Baltimore County Rumors

Candace Buckner: It’s a hard day to be a U. of Virginia backer — especially a former player like #Wizards F Mike Scott. Bradley Beal joked the team held a moment of silence for Scott ahead of shootaround. “He took a tough one… I feel bad for him. He was on suicide watch last nite.”
And on the 136th attempt, the basketball gods relented. A No. 16 seed has finally beaten a No. 1 in the NCAA tournament. And even if you could see it coming somewhere, some time, in the future, it wasn’t supposed to be this. College basketball has never seen a bigger upset than Maryland-Baltimore County 74, Virginia 54. But it happened Friday night in the South Regional, taking down a team that just last week completed a golden 31-2 season with both the ACC regular season and conference tournament titles.