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Mason Jones Rumors

Mason Jones: Much Love. I just want to say thank you to all the Razorback fans out there that cheered for me and my teammates this year…. I want to personally thank y’all for allowing a kid from Desoto, Tx to live out his dream. Y’all fans came through in so many games I couldn’t thank y’all enough… this Arkansas journey ends, but the Journey continues.. Coach Musselman, Coach Williams, Coach Moser, Coach Crutchfield, Coach Ruta and the rest of the staff… Thank y’all for teaching me how to be a player on and off the court.. the stuff I learned this year was unreal… All God.
What are some of your goals for your professional career? Mason Jones: I want to be an All-Star. I have a lot to prove and I feel like the way I work hard and the way I carry myself and the way I care about the game, I definitely feel like I can achieve being an All-Star or being an MVP in the league. Those are things that I dream about. I want to put them in real-life situations. I have a chance to be that, I have a chance to be an MVP. I have a chance to put the work in and know that nothing is going to be handed to me, it’s going to be all hard work. I know exactly what to do when my back is against the wall or people have doubts: work hard and keep proving wrong. That’s definitely what I’m going to continue to do.
How do you think your perimeter defense will translate to the next level? Mason Jones: I feel like I can really guard one through four. I can do a lot. I can guard a point guard, I can guard a shooting guard and I can guard a small forward; it’s just about the match-ups. I had to play a lot of four because our team was small and Coach just wanted us to go small, so I was doing everything I could do for our team. As you can tell if you watched us play, we switched everything one through five. When I go to the next level, that is really going to carry on because I was able to guard so many positions. So dealing with my IQ and the way I’m going to keep getting faster on my foot speed and everything that is going to happen this summer while training will help me as it translates to the next level.
What is your biggest goal for improving as a basketball player moving forward? Mason Jones: Oh, I think becoming an elite defender. I want to be an elite defender while also being an elite scorer. I see myself like Jimmy Butler. We both have the same traits. We are competitive. We’ve been through all stages of life, we went to junior college and then we went two years at Division-I high major. He felt like he was ready after his second year at Marquette. He went on and I watched a lot of Jimmy Butler also just to see his story and his demeanor and the way he approaches life. He’s the underdog and he takes it every day. I feel like I can add being an elite defender to my game. I want to add that and I want to take pride in that more, just like I take pride in being an elite scorer and getting to the rack. I want to take pride in locking down the best player and being me and just guarding. I want people to think, “Oh, okay, he is a two-way player.”