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Matt Babcock: So, what else is needed to succeed if one possesses NBA talent? I’ll tell you (at least a little), it’s called “The Formula.” This past week, I was invited to be a part of Formula Zero, where NBA superstar Damian Lillard, better known as “Dame,” and his longtime coach and mentor, Phil Beckner, welcomed a group of 20 high school and 20 college prospects, to Portland, Oregon. Upon arriving, they held an introductory meeting and dinner for the Formula Zero staff. I quickly learned that this was entirely different from any other camp. Actually, I realized it’s not a camp at all. It’s much bigger than that.
Matt Babcock: So, what is Formula Zero, exactly? Here is how I would sum it up: A community (not a camp) of talented, not always the most talented, but most importantly, like-minded basketball people using “The Formula” to maximize their potential and strive for excellence. And what is The Formula? To put it simply: Character. Hard Work. Accountability.

Storyline: BJ Johnson Death
Matt Babcock: My parents flew out to meet with the general manager of the Milwaukee Bucks, Bob Weinhauer, and the owner of the team, Senator Herb Kohl. Before we knew it the movers came and we were off to this unknown place. We moved to a suburb right outside of the city named Shorewood, a very nice place. Admittedly I had quite a bit of culture shock initially. We had moved a lot by this point but we had only ever lived in cities in California and Arizona. Milwaukee was different.
Former agent Matt Babcock: “A player’s priorities may change as they get older or if they suffer a serious injury that makes a one-and-one deal much riskier too. LeBron James is a perfect example of this, as his recent contracts with the Cavaliers were set up as short-term deals that allowed him to keep his options open. Now, his latest contract with the Lakers is a four-year deal and only the final season is a player option. Priorities change.”