Matt Lloyd Rumors

Matt Lloyd, the Magic’s interim general manager, said the team likely will consider a “hefty” number of players at No. 6. “It’s been widely reported, and it’s pretty accurate, that the draft pool is deep,” Lloyd said. “So now it’s on us to be able to parse through all those names and all the data that we’ve collected and add to that data and come out with the right outcome.”
“In terms of being prepared for the draft, I have no concerns about that whatsoever because I have a very high amount of confidence in Matt Lloyd and his team to prepare us for the draft,’’ Martins continued. “He’ll have everything lined up and prepared for when we do hire a GM, including if it is him. … Frank (Vogel) will be a big part of that (NBA Draft) preparation as well and he’ll work closely with Matt over the next several weeks in leading the Basketball Operations staff.’’