Maurizio Gherardini Rumors

Sam is pretty open about that kind of stuff, right? He just kinda wants to consume all the ideas out there. Maurizio Gherardini: Yeah, I think that’s always been Sam’s strong point. He’s always been ahead of the curve and very creative, very out of the box thinker. That’s the direction we were working. Sam is always looking at ways to enhance the brand, enhance the connections worldwide. From an international perspective, how is the Thunder viewed? I think, in general, the perception of the Thunder is of a very high quality. The stars help. Sam Presti is perceived as one of the top minds in the business. It’s a rising organization. The only negative is that it’s such a young organization. Everything else is positive. That’s not just because I know Sam. It’s because I was here for a year. I know how things are done in the NBA and I know how things are perceived internationally.