Media Rumors

Death by book?! Clippers big man Boban Marjanovic plays an assassin in “John Wick 3” and appears to die a brutal, yet creative death in the movie. In a trailer released on Thursday, fans got a quick glimpse of Marjanovic fighting Keanu Reeves in a library. Reeves’ character, John Wick, shoves a book into Marjanovic’s mouth. Ouch.

The Los Angeles Times has named Arash Markazi Sports Enterprise Reporter and Page 2 Columnist, reporting to Assistant Managing Editor for Sports, Angel Rodriguez. “Like everything else in our society, the digital revolution has had a profound influence on sports,” said Times Executive Editor Norman Pearlstine. “We’re excited to have Arash on board to help us launch coverage of widely popular and emerging trends in sports, ranging from multiplayer gaming competitions to the legalization of sports betting.”
The officer spotted an empty beer can on the floorboard in the back seat, smelled alcohol in the vehicle and noticed during a field sobriety test that Checketts had “relaxed facial features” and a “lack of smooth pursuit in both eyes.” Checketts — a popular sports radio show host with Utah’s 1280 The Zone, a game day analyst for the Utah Jazz’s broadcast team and son of business mogul Dave Checketts — has since lost his dream job, had to sell his home and car to pay for legal fees and rehab, and suffered a blow to his professional reputation all because of his decision to sit behind the wheel and drive while under the influence of alcohol that winter night.