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Clutch Points: “It’s one guy, I know you know who I’m talking to. I know you hate me and trust me I don’t hate nobody. Yes I do, I hate you… The way you hate me, motherf***er I hate you too.” Allen Iverson lets a certain media member know exactly how he feels 😤 (via All The Smoke/ YouTube)

GQ: When the Milwaukee Bucks decided not to play in their first-round game against the Orlando Magic, you gave a powerful monologue about marginalized communities in this country. What were you thinking before you started to speak? Chris Webber: I have to thank Turner for the opportunity because the way that it happened, we really have great relationships at work and the producer called me and he said ‘hey I know you’re passionate about this, do you want to say something here?’ I was getting ready for the game and I didn’t know there was a stoppage. I said yeah. He said ‘you’ve gotta get here in 15 minutes’. I was like there’s no way possible. I just got out of the shower, so that’s probably why I was sweating crazy on the show, but I’m thankful that he asked me. I ran over there.
Chris Webber: What was I thinking? I didn’t know what to think because I was just getting information and I was listening to the segment before with Chuck and Shaquille and those guys talking. So I was really just getting information piece by piece. I knew that the guys were gonna be criticized and I understand the game of narration in the sporting era, I’ve been part of it so long. I knew they weren’t gonna have any allies at the time. My parents have been involved in helping their communities, so we’ve had these conversations in my family for a long time. I understood that nobody ever plans an outburst. An outburst always comes out of pain. I just wanted to encourage them. They should use their passion to organize and hopefully there’s change. I just felt that this was an important moment in history and after all things that were going on, this was a perfect storm, and I just wanted to encourage them.
Rose, 47, who played for six teams from 1994-2007 before becoming an analyst for ESPN, used the network’s Game 4 broadcast of the Eastern Conference finals to issue his stance on the recent Breonna Taylor decision. He began by providing some commentary on the performance of Miami Heat guard Tyler Herro during the game against the Boston Celtics before calling for the arrest of three police officers linked to March fatal shooting. “He been putting in work … young fella, but it would also be a great day, to arrest the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor!” Rose shouted before the network quickly cut to a commercial.