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“This is some real s—,” Klempner says as he continues to rifle through the foot-high stack, flinging contracts and letters signed by the likes of George Gervin, Larry Bird and LeBron James. Some papers have historical significance: docs connected to the league’s first collective bargaining agreement, salary cap and drug program, plus records from lockouts and lawsuits past. A manila folder emerges with a JOHNSON MAGIC sticker attached. Other pieces veer towards esoterica. There is a stack of signatures from players who came together to protest the changing of the regulation basketball in 2006. A collection of 1990s Knicks stars—Patrick Ewing, Larry Johnson, Latrell Sprewell—signed a sheet to verify they’d received 1099s. On top of it is a hot pink sticky note, addressed to Klempner and signed by Chris Dudley, who wrote, “Didn’t realize I still had these… Hope it didn’t cause too much of a problem.”
Without looking at the NBPA’s documents, Steiner is confident they’ve got at least a six-figure stash on their hands. Individual pieces like Kobe’s letter or a LeBron James contract could easily fetch $25,000. Some documents, like player-by-player votes on a lockout, could be bundled, Steiner said, while others could be used to sell cheaper copied versions. But the union isn’t reaching out to any auction houses. Some of its collection could end up at the Basketball Hall of Fame, and the PA is also building out its own archive—named after its first president, Bob Cousy. It’s doing so with the help of Heritage Werks, which has supported dozens of sporting organizations’ efforts to digitize and leverage their collections. Heritage Werks founder Keir Walton said he focuses on helping companies improve their messaging and branding programs more than creating potential merchandising opportunities.
“It’s been 50 years and that makes it all that much sweeter,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver said while presenting the trophies. Add it all together and the No. 34 jersey Giannis wore in the final game could be sold for as much as $500,000, according to Ken Goldin, founder of Goldin Auctions. “It was one of the greatest NBA finals performances in history,” Goldin said in an email about a player who had 40 or more points three times and averaged 35.2 points per game in the series.
Wanna have the same Olympic gold medal as Michael Jordan?! A player from the Team USA hoops squad in 1984 is parting ways with their memento … and it can be yours if you have a huge chunk of change lying around!! This medal is from the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, when Team USA — coached by college legend Bob Knight — dominated with Jordan, Patrick Ewing, Chris Mullin, Sam Perkins and Wayman Tisdale!!
Storyline: Olympic Games
The team whooped 8 teams before receiving their medals and now one of them will be up for sale … and it’s expected to go for over $70k!! The medal will be on the market with RR Auction … and it still has all the fine details — “XXIII Olympiad, Los Angeles 1984” inscribed on the front and “Basketball, Men” on the side plus the image of the Coliseum.