Memorabilia Rumors

Below, we have created a ranking using information from Stockx to sort out the average sales prices for trading cards over the past 12 months in order to see what the most expensive NBA cards are right now. In this Top 30 ranking, you’ll find there are eight LeBron James cards and five Luka Doncic cards, only logical considering they’re two of the most well-known basketball players in the world. There is also one Zion Williamson and Trae Young card featured apiece, indicating that many expect their popularity to blow up over the coming years.
Platt sourced his collection of more than one million items by creating relationships with sports moguls, traveling the world, and understanding which momentos will carry value. He started collecting when he was four years old. His parents got him a Babe Ruth baseball card when he was bedridden after suffering injuries from a gasoline explosion. Platt’s collection includes: Michael Jordan’s 1984 game-used rookie jersey, valued at $242,000. The IPO sold out in under 15 minutes.

NBA Top Shot of LeBron James sells for record price

NBA Top Shot — the official league highlights with blockchain technology that have turned into the latest sports collecting craze, don’t worry we explain it all for you here — continues to generate a ton of money in sales whether it’s people buying “packs” or purchasing rare cuts in their marketplace. We’ve seen a few highlights sell for $100,000, and now there’s a record-breaker that sold for $208,000 (!!!). It’s a moment in which LeBron James dunked all over Nemanja Bjelica as the Sacramento Kings forward attempted to take a charge back in 2019.
Currently, NBA Top Shot is the highest-selling collectible and has made $78.9 million USD in sales from 993,815 transactions since the company first began. In the last four months, NBA Top Shot has generated $11 million USD from packs alone. To top it all off, within the past week, NBA Top Shot received over $19.4 million USD in sales with more than 220,000 transactions occurring on the digital marketplace. To put into perspective the immense interest these digital highlights trading cards have garnered, a specific LeBron James dunk highlight sold for over $71,000 USD while another sold for $38,000 USD not too long ago. Additionally, a Ja Morant highlight card showcasing his monstrous dunk over Aron Bayes from his Rookie of the Year season was lobbied for $100,000 USD on the open marketplace.
McCollum also seems genuinely interested in the cryptocurrency space, as he continues to rehab from his fractured foot. Hart looks like he’s the right man to learn from. The 25-year old appears to be already knee deep into the game, as he is already selling his first card. He also discussed the growing platform on his Twitch account and even interviewed the CEO of Dapper Labs, the company that created and developed NBA Top Shot.