Michael Rubin Rumors

As Fanatics continues to hold off on a potential IPO, the sports merchandise company is busy expanding global operations, this time in China. The Michael Rubin-led company is starting Fanatics China, a joint venture with investment firm Hillhouse Capital, an Asia-focused private equity fund with companies in Asia’s e-commerce and retail sectors, the company told CNBC. Sources close to the deal told CNBC Fanatics expects the “venture alone to be over a $1 billion piece of business in China.”
New York City resident Annabel Sen is suing a property company owned by Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin after her head was caved in by a chair that fell from his penthouse. According to a copy of the complaint shared with PEOPLE, 24-year-old Sen was walking down the street near Union Square on Jan. 25 when “a heavy wooden lounge chair” fell from a 12th-floor penthouse above and hit her.
A spokesperson for Rubin told NBC New York that he has not lived in the building for over a year. Representatives for the sports team owner did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment. “The piece of unsecured terrace furniture was caused to fall due to the carelessness, recklessness, and negligence of the Defendants, their agents, servants and/or employees,” the complaint said, adding that the defendants “permitted a foreseeable hazard to exist, and that foreseeable hazard—an unsecured lounge chair on a terrace 12 stories high in windy, rainy conditions.”
Following a shake-up of limited partners, Rubin added 2% to his portfolio and now owns almost 10% of Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment, the company that holds both franchises, plus the Prudential Center, esports organization New Meta and a handful of other sports and entertainment assets. He is the group’s third largest shareholder, behind managing partners Josh Harris and David Blitzer.