Michael Sam Rumors

Taurasi, and many others, remain skeptical real change and inclusion will come. “Probably not,” she said to that question. “I mean (being gay) is just taboo. It’s something that I feel like a lot of those guys think is a weakness, and they look down upon it. That’s a lot of upbringing. A lot of that is religion, so I think once they get past those things maybe in the future. “It must be hard for them to know that they walk into the locker room having to put a façade on every day. I think one day, like (former University of Missouri football player) Michael Sam did, like Jason did, like a lot of the players in our league have done, it won’t be talked about. It will just be like anything else.”
Collins said he spoke Friday with Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam, who announced before the NFL scouting combine that he was gay. “He’s a great young kid,” Collins said. “Obviously the focus right now for him is to keep training, keep working hard and get ready for his pro day.” Collins said he tries to guard his private life as much as he can. “But at the same time you’re sort of in a special situation,” he said, “where you want to live your life in an authentic, honest way. That’s why I chose to come out on my own terms and chose the way that I did it.”
Golden State Warriors President Rick Welts is one of the few people who knows what NFL draft prospect Michael Sam might be going through after announcing he is gay this week. And Welts is as eager as anybody to see how it all plays out. Welts, who became the first openly gay NBA executive when he revealed his sexual orientation in a front page story of The New York Times in May 2011 while with the Phoenix Suns, said he’s looking forward to the day such announcements are no longer a big deal. But he’s still not sure how far away that day is in sports. “I think we’re still in the midst of it being a really big story,” Welts said before the Warriors beat the Philadelphia 76ers 123-80 late Monday night. “And if you could ever pick somebody to play this part, I think the right guy is going to play it. Just watching him the last few days and seeing the confidence and how strongly he felt about what he decided to do, I think the NFL combine got a lot more interesting and I think the draft did, too. It’s going to be fascinating to watch as he walks through this, but I really do think he’s the right guy for this.”