Michael Zarren Rumors

Michael Zarren, the Celtics assistant general manager and team counsel, whose alternative draft system is being considered by the NBA, has caught the attention of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. Cuban, however, disagrees with one aspect of the proposal, which gives every team a predetermined spot atop the draft every 30 years. “I would tweak (the draft),” he said. “I know Mike Zarren came up with the wheel, and I didn’t like the idea because if you’re in the wrong spot in your life cycle and all of a sudden when you don’t need the draft pick you get the draft pick, and then when you need it you’re 30 years away, that’s tough. Yeah, you can plan for it, but the law of unintended consequences could mean that teams just don’t ever have a shot for a long time.”
They did some kind of a dance here late Wednesday night, Borgia and Ainge, the NBA official delivering his explanation, and Ainge, the ultimate contrarian, challenging the premises. And hey, how could Paul Pierce foul out again? How could the Heat get to the free-throw line 47 times? These were the things on Ainge’s mind, and there would be no satisfaction coming out of here for these Celtics, no solace out of an epic effort and a historic performance out of Rajon Rondo. Ainge was persistent, polite and Borgia finally relented that he’d watch the film of the Heat’s 115-111 Game 2 overtime victory “I’m sure we missed five or six calls somewhere,” Borgia said.
Well, wonderful. That’s true every night in the NBA, but the Celtics were feeling victimized, like they were on the wrong end of the whistle. Down the hall inside the visiting locker room, coach Doc Rivers didn’t need to see the film. Here he was, standing in a doorway to the coach’s room, lurched forward and slapping himself upside his head and recreating the moment where everything started to slip away in these Eastern Conference finals.