Michelle Obama Rumors

The Philadelphia 76ers and the Wilt Chamberlain Memorial Fund joined Reach Higher’s 5th Annual College Signing Day with Former First Lady Michelle Obama at Temple University’s Liacouras Center today. The event, which was attended by more than 7,000 high school students in Philadelphia, was a day-long celebration for the tremendous accomplishments the students achieved in pursuing secondary education.
With talks continuing between the NBA and the players’ association on a new collective bargaining agreement, league commissioner Adam Silver said Thursday that one possible element is giving teams an even further advantage in trying to retain their homegrown stars. “One of the things we’re talking about … is coming up with additional opportunities for the incumbent team to retain the player,” Silver told SiriusXM NBA Radio. “Some advantages, in terms of being able to negotiate earlier to extend the contract.”
Storyline: CBA talks
“The president is obviously very presidential, cool, comes in loud, talking to us about the team and how great our year was and his Cubs and Chicago and that sort of thing, but the first lady is like the star, right? She was so cool yesterday,” Love said. “Did the mannequin challenge with us, took us to the basketball court, made a joke about Kyrie (Irving) hanging on to the Larry O’Brien Trophy too long and she didn’t get to see it.