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On players testing positive for the coronavirus: Michelle Roberts: “A whole lot of us are going to test positive. Even if we aren’t positive, we got the virus. I don’t intend to disclose identities because there’s a stigma attached to that. But I certainly know there will be more players, more league staff and my own staff [that will be tested positive]. I was hearing the numbers that 40 to 50% of our population will be positive for the virus, whether or not we test for it.”
Michelle Roberts: “What my players are asking of me is the same thing I ask of my local government and the federal government. They want to know what is the best estimate on how bad it is going to get. We understand the health concerns. Despite the fact that they are a population that is not presumably at risk, they have moms, grandmothers and children. They want to understand exactly what the health risks are. So whatever information we can impart, we do.”
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Michele Roberts: “I wouldn’t share specific conversations with Adam. But the league is not any more able to predict the future than you and I are. We know this situation will likely get worse. We will not put players, team or staff at risk. It’s not hard to figure out what we can’t do. The only issue is when are things going to be safe enough to resume play? Everyone is guessing. I’m watching what happened in China. It looks like that cycle took six months. So will it take us six months for us to get through this? I don’t know.”
There are plenty of issues not covered under the CBA that are left to the players. For players who live alone, who takes over the old lease? Who collects the mail? Justin Holiday is taking care of both for Temple, his former Memphis teammate. “There’s some level of, ‘Well, why should we be sympathetic; they’re so well compensated?’” Michelle Roberts said. “I’m not denying that they’re well compensated, but that’s not to deny that to be traded that way is not insignificant. Let’s be selfish, it might have an impact on your performance. There’s every reason to make that transition as painless as possible.”
The National Basketball Players Association has filed a grievance on behalf of Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes to get his two-game suspension without pay rescinded, league sources told Yahoo Sports. The NBA suspended Barnes for a physical altercation with New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher in early October at the home of Barnes’ ex-wife in Southern California.
The players can opt out of the current 10-year pact in 2017, but the NBPA would rather have a new collective bargaining agreement in place before opting out. Roberts told the Globe in June that the sides would begin negotiating in August. “Since the day Michele took the job, we’ve been talking on a regular basis,” commissioner Adam Silver told the Globe. “I think we’ve both been clear that our jobs are to bring stability to the league and to continue and build on the success we’ve had. We’re looking forward to engaging with the union. We have a labor relations committee formed. She has her executive committee. We hope to get together this fall and continue the discussions we’ve been having on a staff level.”
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“It’s absolutely brilliant. But I’m not going for it. I know that the new head of the players association [Michelle Roberts] ain’t going for it either.” When Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was told that Bryant thinks he’s “brilliant,” Cuban said. “Oh, he said that? Kobe’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever known.”