Mike Brown Rumors

The seat under the man coaching James is guaranteed to be hot. “You always feel that,” said Brown, who coached the Lakers from 2011 to 13 and is now the lead assistant at Golden State. “You want that because if you’re feeling that type of pressure you probably have a chance to win. So I welcome that. It doesn’t matter if you’re coaching LeBron, if you’re coaching Kobe [Bryant], if you’re coaching Kevin Durant.”
He’s leaned on Kerr for insight on Jordan, on assistant Mike Brown for details of Tim Duncan’s work ethic, on assistant Willie Green to learn what it was like to play with Allen Iverson. “I really enjoyed that conversation. Just having somebody that was that close to the legend Michael Jordan tell me and feel confident that I guess we were in similar positions at the moment made me feel good about myself — that he can relate that moment to Michael Jordan,” Durant said with a smile about that interaction with Kerr. “I really, really appreciated that moment. I needed it as well. It was good to kind of get a reminder from guys that are successful in the league, whether it’s now or back in the past especially, that can give you some advice here and there when you need it.”
Fizdale emerged as a leading candidate after the Knicks fired Jeff Hornacek once the end of the season, but the front office made sure to do its due diligence in meeting with more than 10 coaching candidates. The Knicks’ front office met with accomplished head coaches – such Budenhozler, the 2014-15 Coach of the Year, Jackson, Mike Brown – as well as strong assistant candidates in San Antonio’s James Borrego, Boston’s Jay Larranaga and Miami’s Juwan Howard.