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Brown is excited about the new opportunity in Sacramento, but he will always treasure his time with Kerr, Warriors general manager Bob Myers and the players he coached, including Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. “The first thing is, my time here, obviously, was fantastic, starting with ownership to Bob to Steve and all the players, I couldn’t ask for anything better,” Brown said. “But the fans, too, the fans, they were great. Whether it was here in the arena or me walking around town or riding my little scooter around town, everybody’s always been fantastic. So, it’s a little surreal walking in here and walking into this locker room instead of the other locker room, but at the end of the day, I’m excited and I’m looking forward to all the energy up in Sacramento.”
Mike Brown: “I didn’t really deal with Vivek a ton (during the coaching search) except for that one meeting. It was down at his house (in Atherton), which was good for me with my (Warriors) schedule because it was close to where I was. Monte and Wes were there too. The process was probably a couple weeks overall from the beginning to the end. “But it really started with Monte and Wes, and I’ll even back it up a step further. You know, Wes and I worked together in Cleveland. So I knew what Wes was about and he obviously explained to me what Monte was about and I got to know Monte over the process a little bit better. And so starting with those two guys right there, I said, ‘Hey, man, you know, I can work with these guys.’
Mike Brown: “You can go ask (Warriors general manager) Bob Myers. Throughout my six years with the Warriors, he would ask me, ‘What would be the one thing that you look for if you were to get a head (coaching) job in the future?’ I’d say, ‘The relationship has got to be there with the GM and the head coach.’ ‘If that relationship is not there, you have no chance. You have no shot. And you have to feel that, within that relationship, there’s a mutual respect which can lead into trust over time between the two guys. And that doesn’t mean we have to agree all the time. But with that mutual respect — which can turn into trust — at least if we disagree, when we walk out that door, we’re gonna be on the same page. We’re fighting for the same thing. So again, having that relationship with Wes from the past, picking up on that from Monte early on, that was probably the one big thing that excited me about this job. And then to me, the arena is fantastic. The practice facility is fantastic. This area is, in my opinion, growing and booming. I think there’s a lot of potential here, and I feel like I can help bring that out. “And then you look at the roster. Now obviously, you want to keep evolving and keep getting better. And we for sure need to continue to do that — that’s our job. But you look at some of the guys on this roster already, and there’s a lot of room to be excited about that. So I’m looking forward to being here, man.”
June 21, 2022 | 4:46 pm EDT Update