Mike Brown Rumors

However, he is interested in becoming an NBA head coach again if the right opportunity surfaces. There are currently five openings: New York, Charlotte, Orlando, Phoenix and Milwaukee. “Someday I’d like to be a head coach, but when?” Brown said. “I don’t know. The best part is, being in a situation or an environment like this, at least for me, you don’t think about it much. “If there’s an opportunity that comes up and it’s the right opportunity, then you feel blessed. If an opportunity doesn’t come up, you still feel blessed.”
“I just coached him. If I wanted to say something to him, I said something to him about anything. If he wanted to say something to me, he’d say something to me about anything,” Mike Brown said about Bryant in an interview with Bay Area News Group. “Now we got into it a couple of times. But it’s hard to be in this business and not get into it a time or two with any of your players.”