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Mike Budenholzer Rumors

Horst is only 38, has already been an NBA executive of the year and now is the GM of the reigning world champions. He’s managed trailer parks and dug ditches. He got into the NBA through the lowest level of entry level doors. He worked tirelessly, climbing the ladder. He hired Mike Budenholzer to coach the Bucks, swung the trades that brought in Holiday and others. He found the pieces that were needed to complement Antetokounmpo and Middleton. Here they are, world champions. “When he got the job, I had people calling me wondering who Jon Horst is,” Pleasant said. “And yes, he inherited Giannis and Middleton. But look at what he’s done every year. He’s made them better and better. I hope now he gets all the credit he deserves.”
Michael Scotto: Giannis Antetokounmpo: “John Hammond drafted me, believed in me, believed in my family, brought them over here. He made me feel comfortable. He made me feel like I was his son when I was homesick and alone in the hotel.” He also thanked Larry Drew, Jason Kidd & Mike Budenholzer.