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Mike Conley: 'It would be tough if I'm not an All-Star this year'

Tim MacMahon: Mike Conley, who has the unofficial label as the league’s best veteran who has never been an All-Star, believes that he’s earned his spot this season. His answer when @andyblarsen asked Conley about his All-Star chances: “That would mean the world to me obviously. It would say a lot about me as a person after the year I had last year to come back and compete at the level that I’ve competed at. I do feel like I’ve played well enough to be in that conversation and to quite frankly be one of those reserves. I think this year everything has fallen into place where we [have] the best record and we’ve got a coach coaching the team. It’s all falling in line, so if it’s not going to happen this year, that would be tough.”
Mitchell’s pure statistical case might be the weakest of any West candidate actually. Despite the highlight reel, his percentages have never been that high for a leading man on a good offense because he relies on so many tough 2s. His true-shooting percentage of 55.9 this year is right at his career level but pales next to most other West hopefuls; Booker and Conley are above 59 and DeRozan is at 60.3, for instance, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is at 61.2. On the other hand, Mitchell is the highest-usage payer on the league’s best non-garbage-time offense, and there is nothing even remotely outlier-ish about what he’s done this year. That’s important in the still relatively small sample of this season; we can still be a little more suspicious of players like DeRozan and Gilgeous-Alexander keeping this up for another 40-plus games.