Mike D’Antoni Rumors

The question was posed to D’Antoni: What could the Rockets really do differently against a scorer like that? “You need to email me and tell me, because I don’t think anybody ever knows that,” D’Antoni said. “He’s one of the greatest players ever.” It’s a conundrum that has vexed coaches and players for more than a decade. Tucker, however, may have been the league’s best bet to stifle the current KD: big enough (6’6″, 245 pounds) not to be budged, with the timing and dexterity to actually get a hand on the ball now and again. Still he went into every game assuming he would fail.
Steve Nash insisted he was “1,000 percent with the Warriors” during the gripping second-round series, which ranks as the first in league history to last at least six games in which all six were decided by six points or fewer. Nash, though, also concedes that he would “love to see Mike win a championship someday” — and not merely because D’Antoni was the coach who helped propel the Canadian point guard to back-to-back Most Valuable Player Award-winning seasons in 2004-05 and 2005-06.
Nash retired with those two M.V.P. trophies but no championship rings and thus gets subjected to no shortage of such jibes. D’Antoni’s skeptics, meanwhile, are generally much harsher about the coach’s legacy, which puts Nash on the offensive. “Even though we put our heart and soul into it, it’s just basketball,” Nash said in a phone interview. “It’s not life or death. There’s way more serious things in life. So if people want to say I can’t win or he can’t win — fine. But I can certainly try to be the best person I can be every day and live the best life that I can. I think Mike has that perspective, too.”