Mike Dunlap Rumors

Loyola Marymount on Wednesday named Mike Dunlap as its new basketball coach, one day after the school announced Max Good’s contract would not be renewed after his six-year record of 77-117. Dunlap, an LMU graduate, becomes the program’s 26th men’s coach. He is a seasoned, respected basketball mind with more than 30 years experience on the amateur and professional levels. Loyola Marymount finished 13-19 this year and 4-14 in West Coast Conference play. “I love the challenge of coming to LMU, and love the fact I am going back home,” Dunlap said in a statement. “I am really comfortable with the Southern California and Northern California student-athlete that is going to end up at LMU, and I think this is a great fit.”
The biggest thing Michael Jordan has learned as owner of the Charlotte Bobcats? Admit and rectify mistakes quickly. For example, replacing Mike Dunlap one season into his tenure as coach. “I actually liked Mike, I absolutely did. I said it last year when we first hired him that I could have played for him. But that doesn’t translate to today’s kids,” Jordan told the Observer Friday. “The difference between Steve (Clifford) and Mike is the kids are understanding and articulating what (Clifford is) saying.”
It will be a NBA-taste weekend, the last one of June in Pesaro: Lawrence Frank, former head coach of Detroit Pistons, will join the International Coaches Clinic “Giovanni Papini”, along with Mike Dunlap, former head coach of Charlotte Bobcats, Holger Geschwinder, personal coach and mentor of Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki, and European fame National Croatian Team head coach Jasmin Repesa, Cimberio Varese’s Frank Vitucci and Banco di Sardegna Sassari’s Romeo Sacchetti. Once again the Clinic, organized by the Italian Basketball Federation and Giorgio Gandolfi – Sport Marketing, Events and Communication, will be the number one in Europe for the presence of these great lecturers, becoming more and more international, with the registration of coaches from Greece, Israel, Latvia, Slovenia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and China.