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Mike Krzyzewski Rumors

Next month, Netflix is releasing the doc The Redeem Team about the 2008 U.S. Men’s Basketball Team you were on. Is there any memory from that time that sticks out to you that people may not know about? Chris Paul: Probably one of the dopest moments was during our first days of practice. We were on the court, and Coach K brought out a little TV. We were thinking, “What is going on?” So he started playing this video of Marvin Gaye performing the national anthem at the [​​1983 NBA] All-Star Game. We all stood there and had goosebumps. That’s when we realized this team and what we were doing was bigger than any of us. I remember after almost every game we won, we played that song.
Carlos Boozer: “There’s a couple coaches in my life that really stick out for me personally. Obviously my dad put the ball in my hands. My high school coach, who’s also here, really helped my development. Coach K gave me the foundation of the pro that I would be moving forward. And coach Sloan gave me a chance to be a star. He talked to me a lot — we talked on the phone maybe three or four times before I even got here, before I signed the contract. And then when I got here, [we had a conversation] where he felt like there were certain things I could bring to the table that no one else on the team had. So for me, he really took my career from here to here. I wouldn’t be sitting here now if it wasn’t for coach Sloan.”
In particular, Barrett noticed Blue Devils coach Mike Krzyzewski’s stoic demeanor in congratulating UNC coach Hubert Davis and the rest of the Tar Heels after his final game, losing in the national semifinals in a 81-77 heartbreaker in New Orleans. “Man, that game was up, down and crazy,’’ Barrett said. “Tough for them to lose. I admire the way Coach K walked off the court. He always says ‘strong faces.’ He walked off like a champion. He’s the greatest ever to do it. It was his last time on the court and I’m just thankful I was able to be a part of that Duke history.’’