Mike Malone Rumors

Jeff Duncan‏: Loved this quote from Alvin Gentry on Anthony Davis’ MVP candidacy: “Its tough to be the MVP in the league when you’re in the middle of the pack (in the standings),” Gentry said. If we had 40 wins right now I think he would definitely be in the conversation. But if they don’t notice what this guy is doing … because there is nobody else in the league coming close. And (Nuggets coach) Mike Malone can talk about (Nikola) Jokic all he wants. It’s not even close.”
Jusuf Nurkić struggled to find his form upon his return, and he was bothered by his coach’s decision to bring him off the bench late in 2015-16. “Mike Malone came to me with all this sweet talk, saying that I was going to be fine and that he couldn’t wait to see me back,” Nurkić recalled. “If you like somebody else, play them. But don’t come to my home and say that I’m going to be the starting center and then play someone else.” Although the Nuggets experimented with starting the 6’10” Jokić and Nurkić together, that hardly seemed like a winning long-term combination with small ball sweeping the league. Reading the tea leaves, Nurkić went to Connelly and requested a trade in April 2016.
Storyline: Nurkic-Malone Dynamic