Mike McDonald Rumors

He looked like a metronome to the viewers watching him on Twitch and like a nightmare to the 14 doubters who had wagered against him, including one who said that “tuning in periodically to see him looking like the Canadian Chris Mullin is quite a feeling.”A counter on the bottom-right corner of the stream tallied his shooting percentage. The drab setting belied the the stakes. If McDonald could go on a run and make 90 out of 100 free throws, he stood to net $250,000. If he continued to falter, as he had in his previous two days of shooting, he stood to lose $210,000.
He was right. The exhibition sparked a 24-hour brouhaha on social media. McDonald sparred in his mentions for a while, and then went back to the gym on Aug. 27. He cut another video of himself shooting 90 for 100. This time, he didn’t take a break. Even the doubters had to concede. “Timex has the sweetest stroke I’ve ever seen at the line,” said Nick Schulman, a beloved player and commentator who had bet against McDonald, in a video posted to Twitter. “I mean, he did it. He did do it. I don’t know if that first video was a hustle or not, but I don’t think it was.” “Never,” Jaffe posted, “bet against Timex.” Thus ended what McDonald described as “a very intense, but short chapter of my life.” With an extra $250,000 in his bankroll, he went back to PokerShares and speculating in cryptocurrency. He still retained the muscle memory of his summer-long experiment. A few weeks after winning the bet, he said, “when I wake up, it’s like I still have this ‘OK, gotta shoot,’ sort of feeling.”