Mike McGinn Rumors

Supporters of the effort to build a new arena and bring the NBA back to Seattle say they are confident things will remain on track, even though mayor Mike McGinn lost his reelection bid. McGinn was a leading force in crafting the deal to build a new arena with investor Chris Hansen and had strong backing from official Sonics fan groups, who turned out in force to support the mayor throughout the campaign. “There have been a lot of people that have told me sports fans don’t have influence and don’t vote,” says Brian Robinson, co-founder of Save our Sonics. “We proved that our values matter and people will step up to the table. The last component of it was showing that we can bring out campaign dollars and campaign volunteers and votes, and we did that convincingly in the primary. I’m really proud of the job we’ve done since.”
Sonics fans rallied in Seattle Monday night to send a message about the return of the NBA to Seattle. It comes two days before league owners are scheduled to finally vote on the proposed move of the Kings franchise to Seattle. Sonics faithful gathered at two rallies – one at Seattle’s FX McRory’s in Pioneer Square and at Neumo’s on Capitol Hill – to show their green and gold. Mayor Mike McGinn was among the many fans who posed for a group photo to send to NBA owners.