Mike Taylor Rumors

Q: How do you utilize a player like Ty Walker who has such a solid individual niche into your rotation? Maine Red Claws coach Mike Taylor: I think that any team in the NBA style game that has solid rim protection can be a good defensive team. Ty is an extremely good rim protector who can block shots and challenge with his length. As a one-dimensional rim protector player he is pretty good, but he also has the ability to affect the game in other ways. For example, he can run the floor and be a good screen and roll player. These types of situations are some of the ways that we want to help him develop. He’s really established himself as a rim protector and done great things like that. Ty’s also tried hard to improve other elements of his game like his physicality, low-post scoring and things are those lines. He’s really established himself as a quality young big man and has definitely opened some eyes to NBA teams.