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Mike Woodson Rumors

Ex-NBA player  Mike Woodson agrees with Magic Johnson — every team in the league should “absolutely” retire #6 in honor of Bill Russell … telling TMZ Sports the Boston Celtics legend “was the s**t.” We spoke with Woodson — the current head coach of the Indiana Hoosiers — out at LAX this week … and asked about Magic’s call for the NBA to honor the Hall of Fame center in a unique way.
Storyline: Bill Russell Death
“Absolutely. Absolutely,” Woodson said. “That man set the stage for a lot of the players today. For me, a lot of the players before me. Bill Russell was the s***. I don’t care how you cut it.” “At the end of the day, you look what he’s done in his career, and … it’s unbelievable,” he added. “That’s all you can say. So, Magic’s not far off. What he’s pushing for, the league should want to do that for him.” “The players should want to do it because again, he set the stage.”
Mike Woodson grew up in Indiana. He starred at Broad Ripple High School in Indianapolis and at Indiana University under Bobby Knight. Now, he’s the head coach of Indiana University, a dream scenario for the 63-year-old. If the Hoosiers hadn’t called, Woodson would still be an assistant coach in New York under Tom Thibodeau. “I would never have left the Knicks for any other job; there’s no way,” Woodson told SNY over the phone late last week. “That’s just how much respect that I have for Jim Dolan and what he’s done for me.”