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Mike Woodson Rumors

Mike Woodson grew up in Indiana. He starred at Broad Ripple High School in Indianapolis and at Indiana University under Bobby Knight. Now, he’s the head coach of Indiana University, a dream scenario for the 63-year-old. If the Hoosiers hadn’t called, Woodson would still be an assistant coach in New York under Tom Thibodeau. “I would never have left the Knicks for any other job; there’s no way,” Woodson told SNY over the phone late last week. “That’s just how much respect that I have for Jim Dolan and what he’s done for me.”
Q: Why is Leon Rose the right man to lead the Knicks? Mike Woodson: Leon’s been in the basketball world in a different capacity [super-agent], and Jim thought enough to turn his team over to him, and Leon has connections in terms of players throughout our league, and he’s been around basketball. That’s a big part of it. If he was a guy that was just an office guy working for a major corporation, no affiliation with basketball, it would be totally different, but he’s been around it all his life, and he’s made major connections through his relationships, so I just think it was a perfect fit obviously for Jim. Based on what they’ve done so far, it’s working, I think.
Justin Kubatko: Giannis Antetokounmpo last night: ✅ 47 PTS ✅ 12 REB ✅ 18-18 2P Antetokounmpo tied Wilt Chamberlain’s NBA record for most 2PM in a game without a miss. He also joined Chamberlain and Mike Woodson as the only players to record a 45-point game with a FG% of 85% or higher.